Category: Political News

Don’t threaten oil, gas revenue with new regulations

Rep. Rebecca Dow Think back to the time you were in your elementary school lunch room. Do you remember there was always someone who wanted you to trade away your dessert? You didn’t fall for a bad trade back then, we ...

Foster families granted free admission to state sites

Dianne L. Stallings, Ruidoso News In an effort to provide more young people access to outdoor and cultural sites throughout New Mexico, the Foster Foster Family Park and Museum Free Admission Bill took effect Fr ...

Lawmakers drill down on response to education lawsuit

By Sylvia Ulloa, New Mexico In Depth June 27, 2019 By Sylvia Ulloa, New Mexico In Depth June 27, 2019 Lawmakers got a status report of sorts on New Mexico’s response to a landmark education court decision last year ...

From the Round House

How do I know an arbitrary increase in the minimum wage will hurt low-wage workers? Simple, I was one. It may be easy to believe an increase in the minimum wage is appealing because I don't know anyone who would turn ...


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