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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:  I am a 77-year-old Navy Veteran and have lived in the Grant/Luna County area since 1980.  I have worked at both the Chino and Tyrone Mines, Grant Co. Sheriff’s Department as well as th ...

Local Senior Meals Programs See Funding Increase

Local Senior Meals Programs See Funding Increase By Etta Pettijohn Beginning this month Sierra County’s seniors began benefitting from an increase in the amount of funding for congregate and home delivered meals, whi ...

Hunting season has begun

The Grant County Beat When I decided to run for the New Mexico House of Representatives, I saw an opportunity to improve the quality of life for ...


NEW FEDERAL LAW Dow Sponsored Legislation To Give Terminally Ill Access  To Experimental Drugs In N.M., Before President Signed By Etta Pettijohn Last week President Donald Trump signed into law a measu ...


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