Statement from Rebecca Dow

It is shameful that political operatives from outside our community would attempt to re-victimize the children of abuse to score political points.  Many of the previous allegations have already been shown to be gross misrepresentations. The new allegations contain more of the same.

As a mother and an educator, I am appalled that anyone would use their position of authority to abuse a child.  I have dedicated my life to improving the lives of children in southwestern New Mexico, including helping children who have been the victims of abuse.  In our facilities, we take great steps to ensure the safety of our students, including submitting employees to extensive background checks. This employee had no priors and was cleared to work by CYFD. When we became aware of the abuse in this case, we immediately contacted the police who made an arrest within hours.  As he should, the offender will spend a long time in jail.

The criminal case is over and the perpetrator is behind bars. It's time to help the victims heal.


Quotes from Law enforcement

“Rebecca Dow’s deep character and dedication to improving the lives of children make her an ideal leader for our community. That’s why law enforcement is proud to stand behind her.” Sheriff Glenn Hamilton, Sierra County 575-740-1563

“To Rebecca, there’s nothing more important than protecting our children“ Lee DeChamps past DA 505-980-0587

“New Mexico needs a strong leader like Rebecca who will do what’s right, no matter what.” Retired Judge Bill Robinson 575-743-0072

“Rebecca Dow has been nothing short of supportive of Law Enforcement, and our efforts to address quality of life issues within the City of Truth or Consequences.  She and her staff were prompt in reporting the two cases which occurred at the Boys & Girls club.  I am not aware of any case occurring at Apple Tree.  I know firsthand that the manner in which each of these cases were reported & handled were exemplary and should be the standard not the exception.  Background checks were completed and the employee was cleared to work by CYFD. We need Rebecca Dow to continue being a Champion for our Community.”  Chief Lee Alirez

CYFD- can verify FBI background checks are conducted and that CYFD must clear all staff for employment. 575-373-6608

Chief Lee-handled both incidents of abuse that occurred at the Club in 2015. Can verify background checks and our conduct during the incident 951-852-5455

Statement from Steve Pearce

Nasty politics has come to a very local and personal level with these dishonest attacks on Rebecca Dow. I would urge everyone to learn the real facts and reject these left-wing outside groups and their attacks. Child abuse is terrible and we must all work to prevent it and punish child abusers.

Rebecca Dow is a woman of deep moral conviction. She is an educator positively shaping the lives of young New Mexicans so they have a bright future. She puts our children’s safety first.  In this case of child abuse, I understand that Rebecca Dow went to the police upon learning the facts. In part her actions helped put the child abuser in prison and she has been praised by the Police Chief for doing exactly what we expect of all child care providers and educators.

Murray Ryan

State Representative (Retired)

Dear Friend,

I had the privilege of representing the people of southwest New Mexico for 30 years.  I wanted to write and tell you that I know Rebecca Dow and wholeheartedly support her for the New Mexico House of Representatives.

During my time in politics I have seen many negative attacks but the nasty personal attacks against Rebecca Dow are amongst the worst I’ve ever seen.  These attacks paid for by out of town special interest groups and have no place in our community.

Rebecca founded a faith based non-profit that has benefitted impoverished children over the years.  Don’t be swayed by ugly politics.  The vicious and personal attacks on Rebecca are reprehensible.

Rebecca Dow is a good and honest woman and she will be an effective advocate for southwestern New Mexico and I urge you to join me in supporting her.

Your Friend,

Murray Ryan
State Representative (Retired)

Dianne Hamilton

Dear Friend,

As you may know, I am retiring from the New Mexico Legislature after 18 wonderful years. Thank you for the privilege of serving you in Santa Fe.

It is critically important that we maintain excellent representation for Grant, Sierra, and Hidalgo Counties. That is why I hope you will join me in supporting Rebecca Dow for State Representative in District 38.

Rebecca is not a career politician. She’s a successful business women and co-owner of Dow Technologies, a multi-faceted technology firm she founded with her husband. Additionally, she is the founder and director of AppleTree Educational Center, a nationally accredited faith-based non-profit located in Sierra County. AppleTree provides early care, pre-k, and k-12 education, service learning, home visiting, and family support services.

Rebecca has dedicated her career to improving the lives of New Mexico children and families. She’s exactly the kind of leader we need in Santa Fe. As a conservative business owner, Rebecca understands that we already pay too much in taxes, we must eliminate wasteful spending and our focus must be on the improving schools and growing our economy.

I know Rebecca will be a conservative, effective and tireless advocate for southern New Mexico Please join me in supporting Rebecca Dow in the general election in Tuesday November 8th.

Dianne Hamilton
State Representative


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